brand identity, sticker design, shareable content, package design, and a Shopify website design.

W I L D  H E A R T S

brand identity, business cards, postcards, stickers + GIFs, and a SquareSpace website design.

R E B E L  H A I R

brand identity, logo icon, branded pattern elements, and a custom SquareSpace website design.

T A N A  R O S E

brand identity, sub-logo and color scheme, branded materials, and a printable sticker sheet.

P R 3 T T Y  S O C I E T Y

brand identity, apparel tags, postcard design, package design, and branded packaging stickers.

H A L O  S A L O N

brand identity, postcards, stickers + GIFs, packaging, instagram filter, and SquareSpace website.

A  P R E T T Y  P L A C E

brand identity, card design, business cards, stickers, candle packaging, and SquareSpace website.

P R I O R I T Y  B E A U T Y

brand identity, logo icon, stickers + GIFs, Instagram highlight covers, and WIX website design. 

R A C H E L  P A I G E

brand identity, stickers + GIF's, Instagram Filter, and Kajabi Website Design + sales page.